Pointers on Docking Your Boat

Patience and Practice Pay Off  Docking your boat isn’t as difficult as you might imagine; take it slow and easy – and you’ll do just fine. As with any other learned skill, docking your boat takes practice. You will  make some mistakes, but your boat handling skills will improve every time you pull up to […]

Cruising Guide Publications 

, It’s Best to Have a Cruising Guild Handy When Making Sailing Plans Cruising Guide Publications is offering their Caribbean Cruising Guide series targeting the cruising sailor. This series of cruising guides is a voyage through the islands of the Caribbean. They provide readers with an intimate perspective on the islands, the people, and the culture of […]


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Incredible BVI Dive Sites

The Best SCUBA Dive Sites in the BVI The British Virgin Islands offers a wide variety of SCUBA diving sites. Dive sites interesting enough for the first-time diver as well as the advanced diver to enjoy the beauty of the sport of SCUBA. For the first-time diver to the advanced diver, there is someplace for […]