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The Caribbean Islands are popular vacation destinations. Known for their stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant cultures.

There is an endless amount of activities to participate in such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming with an occasional dolphin and other colorful marine life. island hopping, beachcombing are also popular activities. If that's not enough, you can also go deep-sea fishing, explore historic sites, and secluded cays. These are all popular things to do throughout the Caribbean Island chain.

If you are looking for an intimate and customized vacation experience, Charter the Caribbean is happy and able to assist you in finding the ideal Power Cat and crew that best fits your preferences. Chartering a Power Cat is a popular and extremely comfortable way to experience the islands' beautiful scenery and clear blue turquoise waters.

The typical Power Cat available range in sizes from 52 ft. to 75 ft. in length. A typical Power Cat's has a 26 ft. - 36 ft. beam. This makes for an extremely stable platform for even a first time novice sailor. This is the big reason for the comfort that a Power Cat provides, is that cruisess basically flat on the water with almost no heeling motion. The overall size of this style yachts allows for extremely comfortable and spacious accommodations.

Typical Layout of a Power Cat

A Power Cat is designed with two separate hulls that contains anywhere from three to five ensuite staterooms. These staterooms are located in what is referred to as the lower deck. Joining the two hulls is the main deck. The main deck consisted of a foredeck for lounging and sunbathing, an enclosed salon with a galley and possibly a small bar. Also located on the main deck is the aft cockpit for additional shaded seating and a table for an al fresco dining experience.

The aft section of the two hulls is what is referred to as the sugar scoops. These sugar scoops  provide stairways for easy access down to the water's edge to go swimming or for getting in or out of the tender.

Some Power Cats offer an upper deck where the helm station is located. Aboard the larger catamarans, this area is referred to as the Sky Lounge, which if large enough, provides additional seating with a table for alfresco dining. If the Sky Lounge is large enough, there can be a small bar, a bar-b-que, and even a jacuzzi with room to sunbath in lounge chairs. Needless to say, this area is an extremely popular place for guests to gather to appreciate the uninterrupted 360 degree view of their beautiful surroundings.

A few newer Power Cats have a new feature gaining popularity referred to as a pass-through. The pass-through allows you direct an easy passage from the salon to the foredeck. This design enhances the safety factor for many guest and small children by eliminating the walk along the Port and Starboard walkways around the salon to get to the foredeck. This area often includes more exterior seating with possibly a small cocktail table. The foredeck also offers more great space for lounging and sun bathing.

Aboard the smaller fully crewed Power Cats, there are three ensuite staterooms to accommodate up to six guests plus a crew cabin. There is another version of a six guest Power Cat known as the “Owners Version” which takes up one whole side of the yacht, creating a very spacious ensuite master stateroom for two guests.

On larger Power Cats accommodating up to eight to ten guests, there is usually four equal size ensuite staterooms, located in the fore and aft sections of each hull. In some cases, a smaller ensuite cabin is located a midship on one side of the yacht. To balance the use of space in the opposite hull, they make room for additional storage space, or an onboard washer and dryer.

There are currently just a few Power Cats in the charter fleet that can accommodate up to twelve guests. Typically, these are exceptionally large yachts with as many as six staterooms, plus the necessary crew cabins.

Some of the many amenities and services offered aboard a Power Cat can include individual cabin controlled air conditioning, push button electric toilets, separate shower stalls, water makers, a variety of water sports equipment, SCUBA diving along with all the necessary gear. For that extra service aboard some of the larger Power Cats, additional crew members may be added.

Where Can Power Cats Be Found?

Power Cats are today a very popular style of cruising vessel all around the world. They are best suited to island chains offering relatively calm seas conditions, in such cruising areas as the Virgin Islands, which is the hub of the term charter yacht industry in the Caribbean. which is the hub of the term charter yacht industry in the Caribbean. Areas such as the islands of the  Grenadines are equally great for cruising aboard a Power Cat.

The Bahamas including Nassau, the Abacos, and Exuma, plus many more of their smaller Bahamian Islands are also great locations to cruise aboard a Power Catamaran, Here the water is very shallow, making chartering a power cat ideal.

Chartering in the Mediterranean Sea is also an ideal area for chartering a Power Cat. There are times during the season the seas are very calm, with winds a little more than a breeze. This makes for some very comfortable sailing.

You will find Power Cats cruising in such popular cruising areas of the Caribbean as AnguillaSint Maarten/Saint MartinSaint Bart'sAntiguaBarbudaSaint KittsNevisMartinique, and St. Lucia. However, I do not recommend these areas for first-time cruising clients. It’s not so much for the seas being too rough, but for the amount of open ocean you will be exposed to with large swells that sometimes make a novice sailor feel very uncomfortable.

10 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Power Cat

  • Space: Power Cats offer more spacious living areas and deck space than the typical Sailboat, making them ideal for large groups and families.
  • Stability: Power Cats are more stable than Sailboat and offer a smoother ride, making them more comfortable for guests.
  • Shallow draft: Power Cats have a shallower draft allowing them to sail and anchor in more sheltered and secluded areas, providing more opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and exploring.
  • Performance: A modern Power Cat is designed for performance and speed, allowing for efficient and enjoyable sailing experiences.
  • Luxury amenities: Power Cats are equipped with high-end amenities such as Air Conditioning, Gourmet Galleys, and Ensuite Bathrooms, providing a luxurious vacation experience.
  • Privacy: Power Cats offer privacy and seclusion, perfect for a romantic getaway or a Family Vacation.
  • Flexibility: Aboard a charter yacht, you able t0 set your own itinerary and visit multiple destinations.
  • Cost-effective: Power Cat charters are more cost-effective than traditional hotel stays, especially for larger groups and families.
  • Water sports: Power Cat charters offer a wide varieties of water sport activities by being equipped with snorkeling gear, kayaks, and an array of other water sports equipment, making them ideal for water-based activities.
  • Unique experience: A Power Cat charter provides a unique and memorable vacation experience that allows you to explore the crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery of the many cruising areas around the world.

The diverse worldwide charter fleet is comprised of well-maintained and well equipped yachts. This means I can offer a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets.

As the owner of Charter the Caribbean I have extensive knowledge and expertise in booking charters. I provide valuable information and recommendations when assisting clients with their sailing vacation plans.

I am highly committed to customer service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable booking experience. With my almost thirty years of experience of satisfying clients, I make the whole process of booking a charter simple and stress-free.

Three Simple Steps to a Great Sailing Vacation

First Step:
Go to the “Crewed Yacht” section of my website, pick-out a category of yacht you're interested in chartering. Browse through the yachts displayed along with the links to the yacht's website to learn about the various layouts and amenities that are available.
Second Step:
Go to the Information Request section and click-on Just Shopping Around. This takes you to the Yacht Search Tool.
Third Step:
Once on this page, complete the clickable form by indicating:
  • Where you plan to charter.
  • The number of guests in your charter party.
  • The type of yacht you plan to charter.
  • The beginning and ending dates of your charter
  • Select a budget range (which is extremely important)
  • Then click-on Search

Your efforts will be rewarded with a list of yachts, along with their website, that match your preferences in Real-Time.

You now can Click-On the Information Request form. Fill in all the necessary and required information the form requests In the"Additional Information" box, type in names of the yachts you found interestimg that the Yacht Search Tool provided. This is also a place to list any other details you feel I should know about your charter plans.

Now that you completed the form Click-On "Send Me." I will now be able to provide you with a proposal consisting of a confirmation of the current charter rates, availability, and pickup and drop off ports. I will also offer my opinion about what I know personally about the yachts, and crews you selected.

I will most likely include some additional information about a few yachts you may have overlooked, only because I may have some information and experience with these yachts and crews, I feel you should know about to make an informed decision.

FYI: There are more the 1500 fully crewed charter yachts available around the world in different sizes and shapes, with budget ranges from $10,000 a week to over $300,000 a week. This three step process takes the guess work out of putting together a meaningful customized proposal that fits all your preferences. It makes no sense wasting your time proposing yachts in the $30,000 a week range, when your budget dictates the yachts, you’re interested in knowing more about are in a $20,000 a week range.

Note From the Owner of Charter the Caribbean

My name is Dennis Dori, the owner of Charter the Caribbean. During my nearly thirty years in this business, I’ve made a lot of friends in this industry, but the biggest compliment to all my efforts is the loyal support I have received over the years from the many prospects, past clients, and especially the amazing amount of repeat clients.

All the loyal support I’ve received was earned by my commitment to my customer service. I always try do to my best to suggest yachts to my clients that best match their preferences, time frame, and budget.

Thank You!

Dennis Dori