Sleeps 6 Guests in 3 Queens

ANTILLEAN 50 ft. Sailboat

The yacht ANTILLEAN named after the Lesser Antilles, which are the small islands which make the Caribbean such a beautiful destination for charter yachting,

ANTILLEAN is your passport to these islands!

Riding at anchor, her shaded cockpit allows for comfortable lounging! ANTILLEAN sports four cabins, three for the guests and one for the crew.

Each cabin offers individual cabin temperature control optional at night at guests discretion. In addition there is- no charge to run the air-conditioner if necessary. All the cabins are completely self-contained offering ensuite electric heads and showers,

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Tipping Guidelines

The typical amount of the crew’s gratuity is 20% of the base price of the charter. You have the option of scaling the crew’s gratuity up or down based on level of service.

Crew Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19

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# of Cabins: 3

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