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Facts About Luxury Motor Yacht Vacation

A Luxury Motor Yacht vacation is incredibly special. The degree of luxury, comfort, meal service, and exclusivity out pace any other style of charter yacht around the world. Typically, these yachts range in sizes from 80 ft. in length to well over 200 ft.

Luxury Motor Yachts are best suited to areas offering relatively calm seas conditions, in such cruising places South Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Sea, and the Mediterranean.

The Bahamas including Nassau, the Abacos, and Exuma, plus many smaller Bahamian Islands are extremely popular locations to cruise aboard a Luxury Motor Yacht. Here the water is very shallow, making chartering a Luxury Motor Yacht ideal.

Chartering in the Mediterranean Sea is also an ideal area for chartering a Luxury Motor Yacht, with ports of call such as the Balearic islands of the coast of Spain, the French Riviera in the south of France, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Sicily, the coast of Croatia, the Greek Islands, and the shoreline of Turkey. This area offers loads of historic sightseeing, wonderful food, and crystal clear water.

Eight Reasons to Book a Luxury Motor Yacht Vacation

  1. Space: Luxury Motor Yachts offer more spacious living areas and deck space than any other vessel, making them ideal for large groups and families.
  2. Stability: Luxury Motor Yachts are more stable than any sailing vessel and offer a smoother ride, making them more comfortable for guests.
  3. Shallow Draft: Luxury Motor Yachts have a shallower draft allowing them to cruise and anchor in more sheltered and secluded areas, providing more opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and exploring.
  4. Performance: A modern Luxury Motor Yacht is designed for performance and speed, allowing for efficient and enjoyable cruising experiences.
  5. Luxury Amenities: Luxury Motor Yachts are equipped with high-end amenities such as Air Conditioning, Gourmet Galleys, and Ensuite Bathrooms, providing a luxurious vacation experience.
  6. Privacy: Luxury Motor Yachts offer privacy and seclusion, perfect for a romantic getaway or a Family Vacation.
  7. Water Sports: Luxury Motor Yachts offer a wide varieties of water sport activities by being equipped with snorkeling gear, kayaks, and an array of other water sports equipment, making them ideal for water-based activities.
  8. Unique Experience: Luxury Motor Yachts provide a unique and memorable vacation experience that allows you to explore the crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery of many of the best cruising areas around the world.For help and more information in finding the Motor Yacht that perfectly fits your requirements, go to our INFORMATION REQUEST page and provide the necessary details about what exactly you’re look for.From the information you provided, Charter the Caribbean will be able to provide you with a short list of Motor Yachts that meet your requirements, the budget you set, and the dates you want to charter.
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