Things to Know When Planning Your Cruise

Now that you made the decision to book your next vacation aboard a luxury charter yacht, there are few things you should know when making you plans.

If this is your first charter yacht vacation, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. To help with that, our directory includes a section devoted to answering many of frequently asked questions. In addition we cover what to be expected in the process of booking a charter..

Another section is devoted to making you aware of things to see and do while cruising. In this section of the directory you’ll find a list of popular Beach Bar, Restaurants and about any Entertainment if offered.

For SCUBA Divers there is a list of local Dive Shops in case there is a need to purchase some dive gear, refill tanks, or just set up a rendezvous dive. In addition, you will find a list of some of the most popular dive sites. The location of these site is noted along with a description of why these sites are so popular.

Figuring out how to reach your charter destination can be a difficult problem. To help offset that, our directory lists websites with contact information for scheduled airlines and a few charter flight operators that provide flight service in the Caribbean. From these links you will see which airline serves what islands. You’ll be able to see rates, flight schedules, and book your  flight directly.

Should your charter take place in the Virgin Islands or the Grenadines, we have provided a section listing the available Ferry and Taxi these location.

The last three sections are basically tourist guilds providing just about you want to know about the Virgin Islands. Ferry Transportation to where to stay onshore.