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Facts About a Sailboat Vacation in the Caribbean

Chartering a Sailboat vacation in the Caribbean is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful scenery and clear turquoise blue waters the area has to offer. This type of vessel is very popular all around the world. They are designed to handle both calm seas and heavy seas, along with light air and big winds.

Aboard a crewed chartered sailboat the Captain will always try to avoid heavy weather sailing to ensure the guest’s comfort. On the other hand there are some guests that enjoy the excitement and adventure that heavy weather sailing offers.

Sailboats are also known as Monohulls, meaning a type of boat having only one hull, unlike multihulled boats which can have two or more individual hulls connected to one another. Sailboats are the favorite vessel of the dyed in the wool traditional sailor.

The hard to find smaller Sailboat charter yachts accommodated two guests perfectly, making for a very economical charter. If you’re interested in something a bit larger, you find sailboats with two double occupancy cabins up to six double occupancy cabins.

What the Caribbean Island Chain has to Offer

The Caribbean Island chain offers relatively calm seas conditions, in such cruising areas as the Virgin Islands, which is the hub of the term charter yacht industry in the Caribbean. Areas such as the islands of the Grenadines are equally great for cruising aboard a Sailboat.

If you are looking for an intimate, customized vacation experience, a sailboat charter in the Caribbean offers you an endless amount of activities to participate in such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, swimming with an occasional dolphin and other colorful marine life. Island hopping, beachcombing are also popular activities. If that’s not enough, you can also explore historic sites, and the many secluded cays and anchorages. These are all popular things to do throughout the Caribbean Island Chain.

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