On this page you will find important information about the process of booking a charter yacht vacation in the Caribbean. There is also an explanation of how the deposit and balance payments are collected.

In addition, you will find an explanation on how the Booking Confirmation is handled. In addition, you will be informed about the need for Travel Insurance, and how a Hurricane can effect your charter.

Deposits and Final Payments

An early booking requires a 25% deposit, when bookings are made more than six months out from the starting date of your charter. Once you are within 6 months of your starting date, 50% of the total charter fee must be paid. The balance payment of the charter fee is due 60 days out from the date of boarding.

The charter fee can be paid with a credit card requiring a 2.9% service charge. Another option is to make the payments using an ACH Transfer, which is much more secure than a Wire Transfer. Both these payment options will be found on the electronic invoice you will be receiving.

The booking process starts with me emailing you a Draft Copy of the CYBA E-Contract for you to look over. If everything looks correct, I’ll send you a copy of the Verified CYBA E-Contract for you to sign, initial, and email back to me.

At that time, an electronic invoice will be generated and sent directly to you.. This invoice will indicate the amount due, in accordance with your signed Verified CYBA E-Contract.

You will need to complete the electronic invoice by indicating the method of payment. Once this done, hit the  Submit icon. I will then get a notice that the deposit or balance payment has been collected and is on its way to the clearinghouse.

We preferred that all deposit and balance payments be made by just one person in the charter party to avoid a tangle of paperwork.

Confirmation of Charter Yacht Reservation

The Verified CYBA E-Contract requires four signatures, which includes the client, the yacht’s owner, the charter broker, and the clearinghouse’s reservation desk manager.

Your charter cannot be confirmed until a signed and fully executed Verified CYBA E-Contract, along with the deposit or balance payment has been received at the clearinghouse’s reservation desk.

Once the clearinghouse receives your signed and fully executed Verified CYBA E-Contract, along with the deposit or balance payment, the Serial Number printed on the Verified CYBA E-Contract will then become your confirmation number.

You will have seven days to complete this process once the Verified CYBA E-Contract is first received by you to sign and initial.

At the end of all these steps, an email copy of the fully signed and executed Verified CYBA E-Contract will be sent to you for your records.

Travel Insurance

Charter the Caribbean recommends that you consider protecting your vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance. There are number of yachts today that even require that you purchase a travel insurance policy, especially during the annual Hurricane Season.

Charter the Caribbean does not sell travel insurance, but we can highly recommend you contact Anita Warwick at Seven Seas Health to have a conversation about your travel insurance
options. Below is her contact information.

Tel: +1 954 763 9787
Cell: +1 954 294 2078

Learn How Hurricanes Issues are Handled

Travel Insurance companies work on the policy that it must be a “Named Tropical Storm” before a Hurricane claim can go into effect.

A named tropical storm or hurricane means a storm system that has been identified and named a tropical storm or hurricane by the National Hurricane Center of the National Weather Service.

A Hurricane must be an immediate threat to the area you are in. If this storm does nothing but create rainy or cloudy weather in the area, it will not be enough for you to make a claim.

Should a Hurricane hit your destination before you arrive the crew’s will work with you to find a replacement date.

Hurricanes move slowly. If you are in the path of a pending Hurricane, the crew’s first obligation is to get you safely ashore.

It is highly recommended that you have a Travel Insurance policy to cover the cost of an early cancellation or an emergency due to the Hurricane.

For more information, contact Dennis at Charter the Caribbean at 317-745-1990 or email: charter@charterthecaribbean.com