A Cruising Guide is Important

, A Cruising Guide is Important When Making Sailing Plans A cruising guide is important when making sailing plans. Cruising Guide Publications provides a series of guilds targeting the cruising sailor. This series of guides is a voyage through the islands of the Caribbean. They provide readers with an intimate perspective on the islands, the […]

Why am I Here in the Caribbean Islands?

I keep asking myself, “Why am I here in the Caribbean Islands?” The answer eludes me. So, I thought I’d make some notes while I sit here dangling my toes in the water, with a cold beer in  hand. It’s so the bottle is frosted up. It’s quiet. here, so quiet it’s spooky. I can hear […]

True Bliss is a Sailing Vacation

The Ultimate Vacation   Whether it is first time aboard a charter yacht, or you are someone who has had the experience before, a sailing vacation aboard a luxury charter yacht is the ultimate way to soak up some sun, indulge in scenic views, and immerse yourself in the winds and waves; all at the […]

Caribbean Festival and Cultural Events

The Perfect Time to Catch a Caribbean Festival or Cultural Event   The Caribbean Islands receive a huge influx of tourists all year round. Yet there are months of the year that are considered peak times to visit, such as the holiday season. Much of the influx of tourists is from people who book sailing […]

Dreaming About a Sailing Vacation?

Why Not Begin Making Plans Now? Ever wondered what people mean when they talk about their dream vacations? Well, it’s usually a fantasy trip that they thought they would never get to experience. Sometimes, we head out on a journey and unexpectedly, we find it to be so delightful that we feel we may have […]

Must See Caribbean Islands

Enjoy the Caribbean What it Offers A sailing vacation in the Caribbean islands can prove to be immensely mesmerizing. This is because of all the breathtaking beauty and picturesque destinations found on the islands. There are innumerable opportunities to explore the beauty on each and every in the Caribbean chain of Islands. The most exciting […]

Sailing Away on a Luxury Charter Yacht

. Where to Start When Planning a Sailing Vacation Sailing away on a luxury charter yacht is not a new trend in vacationing. However, the amenities that are now being provided on these yachts are changing and improving by the day. These changes have also introduced new terminology used in the industry of yacht charters. […]

Virgin Island’s Best Beaches

Since you want to make the most of your time during your sailing vacation in the Virgin Islands, it is important to pre-plan every detail of your trip. An important part of your vacation planning is to first decide which beaches and islands you would like to visit. You also need to plan how much […]

Fun and Freedom of a Sailing Vacation

ARE YOU STUCK IN A RUT? Do you want to escape the day to day routine of life? If yes, then you need the fun and freedom of a sailing vacation, Take the opportunity to experience the relaxation and freedom of a sailing vacation. Aboard a luxury chartered yacht you will experience an idyllic setting […]


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Sailing in Greece vs. Sailing in Croatia

What are the highlights of sailing in Greece vs, Croatia? Do you need clarification about choosing the right Mediterranean destination for a vacation? Greece and Croatia are the two most popular yachting locations. The biggest Sailboat Charter fleets in the world enable you to take advantage of your time at sea, and their coastlines are […]

Affordable Charter Yachts

You can find many affordable charter yachts in the Caribbean. It’s a good time to treat you and your family to life’s finer things by planning a sailing vacation in the Caribbean. The first step is finding an experienced charter yacht broker that can assist in finding you a yacht that fits your requirements. A […]